Over time, XANLITE has built its identity around strong values. We pass them on to our teams as well as externally in the relationships we maintain with our partners.


XANLITE is a forerunner in the LED market and has always made sure to offer quality at the right price. For nearly 25 years, XANLITE has been involved in the democratisation of LED technology and its advantages.

Our design team creates unique concepts that are as close as possible to the latest trends in decoration. Our main objective is to offer our customers functional and aesthetic products that are within everyone's reach.

Today, our ambition is to improve your quality of life and that of future generations, by creating energy-efficient, customisable, and sustainable living spaces.


Through lasting partnerships, XANLITE set up national and local agreements offering customizable support for every customer. We have visited more than 2600 retail stores in the world thanks to an exclusive sales force. We have also decided to create our own online store, in order to offer to our end customers XANLITE’s entire catalogue in one place.


As a close-knit company, we place customer satisfaction before everything. Thanks to our manufacture and our different partnerships, we make sure to set on the market an innovative product in only 6 months.


At XANLITE, innovation is at the heart of the strategy. Each year, 20 to 30 % of our range is renewed. The company is aiming to propose quality products by being at the peak of technology and by keeping an eye on future needs. Our engineer team is constantly researching solutions to guarantee a viable use. We are all working on the constant upgrade of our products to propose the best reliability and efficiency.


At XANLITE, we are committed to accelerate our transition to a circular economy and improve the recycling of our products.

Convinced that packaging is now an environmental issue, we have completely redesigned it. With our eco-responsible packaging, we are reducing our environmental impact while improving our customers' in-store experience



Since 1997, XANLITE has committed to encourage the companies to evolve towards technical products with good value. Lately, we launched a range of connected solutions named Kozii. Easy to use and controllable with a unique and ergonomic app named Kozii, they represent an opportunity to make LED lighting more accessible to everyone.


Our values and our sense of commitment ensure long-term relationships with our partners and customers. As a close-knit company, we are the preferred partner to support you in your projects thanks to a complete product range and a dedicated sales team

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