Two brothers - One ambition


It all started in 1997 when Serge and Yann Addad created a lighting company in the Paris region: Yantec. Visionaries, the two businessmen felt the potential of the market and wanted their share of the cake. They concentrated their attentions on the sectors of the market which were still overlooked by the big names of the industry: “We started off by tackling the ‘sleeping’ market, such as torches, which had a very limited range at the time,” explained Serge Addad. Innovation was to become their spearhead. The adventure could now get underway.


The LED, a revelation


The Addad brothers registered the trademark Xanlite and gambled on the LED, which soon constituted the largest part of their range. Not only is this technology environmentally friendly, but it also fosters substantial savings. Serge and Yann were not mistaken: the LED is a futuristic solution for the lighting world. Whilst building up its momentum, the company gradually developed new sources of lighting, focusing primarily on light bulbs: “We first developed an interest in the light bulb market in 2006, before the end of incandescent light bulbs was even in sight, persuaded as we were that they presented significant opportunities for growth. The inherent qualities of LED light bulbs in terms of lighting and energy savings make them a serious solution for the future”. Indeed, success was not long coming.


The success story of Xanlite


Fifteen years later, Xanlite was already a European brand, on sale in specialist DIY stores, food retail centres, the trade and on professional networks. The highlight of its range are the LED light bulbs, which made Xanlite the leader on the French market (source GFK*). Over the course of time, the company has lined itself up as a key player in the lighting industry. It is dethroning the giants of the sector and is at long last injecting French know-how into the world of lighting.

Xanlite achieved an annual turnover of 7 million euros in 2005 – a figure which was multiplied by five in just seven years! This exponential growth anchors the leading position of the brand. This advantage is secured through the company’s continuous development of innovative products.




A major french brand


Today, Xanlite boasts 300 references spread out over four families of products: LED light bulbs, garden lighting, portable lighting and house lighting. Xanlite owes its success to the fact that its commercial policy was always a step ahead of its competitors. Thanks to its regular innovations, it has forged a place for itself amongst the big names of the lighting world.

Xanlite is always on the look out for new areas of development to better satisfy customer needs and never looses sight of the importance of price. The company’s dynamism is based on its ability to unite quality and innovation to always be ahead of its competitors.

By placing innovation at the centre of its activities, Xanlite quickly became a forerunner of trends in the lighting sector.